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SIXPLACES – BIEN-RIES GmbH’s new quarter in traditional mühlheim. living spaces with luxury fixtures and well designed floorplans to provide a wide array of people with a space where they can feel at home.
Six buildings are being constructed with a range of sophisticated layouts. Four of the buildings are elegant city villas with balconies to the south, north and east. All apartments artfully centre around the lift and stairs at the heart of the building. The site, which despite its size comes across as light, almost weightless, features a green courtyard as lush as any park. Beneath house one, the largest house to the north, you’ll find the entrance to the underground parking garage. The sixth house runs along the site boundary, perfectly designed for the border.
SIXPLACES will include 116 owner-occupied flats with outdoor seating areas, each one an expression of strong design and unique individuality.

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The city of Mühlheim is nestled between Offenbach, Maintal and Hanau in the Rhine-Main region. It’s made up of three districts: Dietesheim, Lämmerspiel and Mühlheim. BIEN-RIES GmbH’s new living concept SIXPLACES is located close to the city centre, in the beautiful quarter of Dietesheim. Good infrastructure, first class transport links, shopping and varied educational options can be found on every corner. A large range of leisure activities and good healthcare provided by doctors and pharmacies complete your new environment. Mühlheim – a city with many faces.


Sie benötigen mit dem Auto nur etwa zehn Minuten in die Steinheimer Altstadt, ebenso lange benötigen Sie in die Hanauer Innenstadt und in circa 4 Minuten sind Sie am nächsten Supermarkt.
Mit der S-Bahn brauchen Sie nur circa 20 Minuten bis zur Frankfurter Zeil oder zum Beispiel etwa 5 Minuten zum Hanauer Hauptbahnhof.
Wenn Sie ins Naherholungsgebiet Dietesheim wollen, dann brauchen Sie mit dem Rad nur zwei Minuten oder circa 3 Minuten bis zum nächsten Bäcker.



Design and Furnishing.

Here are a few highlights of SIXPLACES – it makes you feel good:

  • Solid construction: load-bearing walls in sandstone, partly in concrete
  • Underground parking
  • Solid wood parquet (oak, oiled)
  • Large window components
  • Glass shower partitions
  • High-quality outdoor facility design
  • electrically-operated blinds in House 1 and House 6
  • Underfloor heating
  • Lift
  • Building has attractive colour and material design thanks to a colour designer
  • easy entry in your shower thanks to slimline shower tray
  • Part garden shed


Visit us directly on-site in Hanau. Our free project book for you is just as self-explanatory as a comprehensive and entirely individual consultation. You can find the flat that is perfect for you.

Wednesday and Friday from 4 pm to 6 pm,
Saturday and Sunday from 2 pm to 4 pm.

Am Wingertsweg
63165 Mühlheim am Main


Fon 06181 / 906 31 – 17
E-Mail: info@bien-ries.de

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