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In today’s times of short-term thinking, few people worry about the lifespan of their products: quickly bought, quickly outdated, quickly rubbish – that’s the motto. The BIEN-RIES GmbH team sees things differently, with more
responsibility. The team’s approach is best explained with the idea of sustainability. Sustainability takes time in the truest sense of the word, which is something we unfortunately no longer seem to have today.

We take our time because you are worth it. Your well-being is our goal.

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LANDGUT — Idyllic surroundings in the middle of the Rhine-Main region. Outside of the city, away from all the hustle, bustle and noise. Feel at ease, feel at home. Without having to sacrifice any of the convenience. Living in rural idyll is not the same thing as escaping from urban life. LANDGUT in Hanau-Mittelbuchen allows you to treat yourself to some peace and quiet.

Mittelbuchen is not only Hanau’s smallest district, it’s also its oldest. Hanauer locals also think of Mittelbuchen as its »green belt«. School, KiTa, Supermarket, Bakery, Pharmacy … everything is within walking distance. All the while nature is just down the street. Enjoy the wide open spaces and recharge your batteries.

You only need around five minutes by car to get to Wilhelmsbad State Park, where you can take an charming stroll or sink a few holes at the adjacent golf course. Free and full of options, that’s Hanau in a nutshell. The city of Hanau is ideal for going out or going shopping. There is wide range of shops, bars and cafés. Thanks to Mittelbuchen’s ideal location, Frankfurt is only a stone’s throw away. The European Central Bank is only four stops away by train from Wilhelmsbad.



Design and Furnishing.

Here are a few highlights of LANDGUT – it makes you feel good:

  • Solid construction: load-bearing walls in sandstone, partly in concrete
  • Underground parking, Parkingplaces and partly garages
  • Solid wood parquet (oak, oiled)
  • Large window components
  • Glass shower partitions
  • High-quality outdoor facility design
  • electrically-operated blinds
  • Underfloor heating
  • Lift
  • Building has attractive colour and material design thanks to a colour designer
  • easy entry in your shower thanks to slimline shower tray
  • Part equipment sheds / garden sheds
  • Energy-efficient home 55 as set forth in KfW bank guidelines calculated according to the Energy-Saving Ordinance (EnEV 2014) (Standards as of 1st January 2016)


Visit us directly on-site in Hanau. Our free project book for you is just as self-explanatory as a comprehensive and entirely individual consultation. You can find the flat that is perfect for you.

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Dörnigheimer Straße 4
63452 Hanau


Fon 06181 / 906 31 – 17
E-Mail: info@bien-ries.de

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