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Customer service

Being there when you are needed

At BIEN-RIES GmbH, we exclusively work for you. Steeped in the best tradition, we work as a factory for extraordinarily high-quality and innovative residential concepts at prices that are nonetheless affordable. The residential concepts are always made uniquely and not in industrial mass production according to a sample plan; after all, our customers are just as unique. As a result, we have our own in-house architects and construction engineers–a special feature that has now become rare for real estate developers.

We are convinced that quality–even in service–pays off. And it really becomes noticeable when something goes wrong, which always happens whenever people work. The important thing is: What is the company willing to do to eliminate this error for its customer to their greatest satisfaction. This is precisely our advantage, because we also give it our all out of self-interest–currently, over 20% of our customers have already purchased a second flat from us.

Come see for yourself: See our warranties and services, the competence of our furnishing advisers, and the fair counselling from our sales team.

Quality management

Diplom- Ingenieur (Graduate Engineer)
Director of Warranty and Quality Management
Residential concepts: Saloë, coloneo, KiDONO, so.what


Betriebswirt HWK (Business school graduate according to the Trades and Crafts Code)
Warranty management
Residential concepts: feelin’ good, Take5, SKYLiNE, SKYLINE 2, sunBase, BO.PARK.LANE, HURRY UP, MARC!, Blink your eyes



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