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Life at the intersection

The project kukuun originated at a junction at one of the city of Langen’s busiest streets. For this project, BIEN-RIES GmbH’s planning team oped for an unconventional U-shape, where the leg at the end tapers conically.

The building surrounds a large inner courtyard on three sides, which was designed to be a garden and open space. Together with its interior courtyard, the quarter masks out the surrounding area and creates a green oasis that opens up westward towards a nature reserve. Its inner courtyard features reserved and close-to-nature architecture that leaves plenty of room for relaxation, games, and communication.
The project includes a large number of different floor plans for various residential needs. A large number of maisonette flats with their own home entrances increase the feeling of living “in your own house”. These maisonettes were partially stacked on top of each other in a manner that the quiet zones lie on top of each other and no sleeping quarters are disturbed by the living rooms above.
Parked cars are predominantly stored in an underground parking garage.

The Hesse Chamber of Architects nominated this project to participate in Architecture Day 2007.


Project data

Location: Südliche Ringstraße / Leukertsweg in Langen
What: Wohnungsbau mit Tiefgarage
Living space: 8.615 m²
Number of buildings: 1
Property: 6.458 m²
Development time: 2004
Construction time: 2004 – 2005
Residential units: 96

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