Company of well feeling

We are looking for properties

in the Rhein-Main area


Land for:

• Apartment complexes
• Terrace/semi-detached houses
• Retail property (markets) with apartment complexes


Project size:

• min.: 30 residential units
• max.: no upper limit


Land status:

• Building plots
• Development area (land plan or V+E plan process will be carried out by us in a professional and target-oriented manner)
• empty offices and administration buildings
• Brownfield sites
• Company insolvency/dissolution
• Company relocation


Area boundaries:

• Northern boundary: Bad Homburg, Bad Vilbel, Vordertaunus, excluding Wetterau area
• Eastern boundary: Hanau, Bruchköbel
• Southern boundary: Darmstadt, Bergstraße to Bensheim, Ried area
• Western boundary Wiesbaden, Mainz



Necessary information for land offer

• Size of plot
• City map
• Land register map



Wolfgang Ries
Phone 06181 / 906 31 – 18
Bruchköbeler Landstraße 87
63452 Hanau
Jessica A. Hesse-Kadlec
Phone 06181 / 906 31 – 29
Bruchköbeler Landstraße 87
63452 Hanau
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